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3-6 months part-time or full-time

6 June 2023

Why change your career to tech?

Imperial College London, ranked first in the UK for research outputs and ranked number 6 in the world by QS World University Rankings 2023 - present online coding bootcamps delivered in partnership with HyperionDev.

Imperial’s innovation and world-class expertise in data modelling, support our extensive experience and human-led code review. We’ll walk the journey with you - helping you achieve career-focused skills and land the tech job you deserve.

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The average tech salary in the UK is £62,000 compared to £35,000 for non-tech jobs

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Over 2 million UK tech vacancies advertised in the past 12 months*


84% of tech employees say they have support for a better work-life balance*

Over the course of 3 to 6 months, you’ll learn everything you need to know to pivot into working full-time in the fields of software engineering, web development or data science.

There’s a multitude of career options in each area. You’ll emerge from the bootcamp ready to easily handle the typical responsibilities and challenges of these opportunities.

Software Engineering


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Includes Python, Object Oriented Programming, and more.

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Choose between 3 online bootcamps

Data Science

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Includes Python with NumPy, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, pandas, and more.

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Web Development

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Includes JavaScript, React, CSS, HTML, MongoDB and more.

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Study your way, in your own time

Our online bootcamps gives you the freedom to sculpt your study time around your existing lifestyle. Work your way through this industry-aligned content and empower yourself to start your journey towards a promising career in tech.


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6 months

10-20 hours per week

Complete up to 25 coding tasks each month

Code review & feedback 48 hours on weekdays

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Quality, professional feedback on all coding submissions


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3 months

40 hours per week

Complete as many coding tasks per month as you want

Code review & feedback 36 hours on weekdays

Quality, professional feedback on all coding submissions

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Time commitment

Review time


Earn a certificate upon completion

Become a developer with numerous career paths

Developers enjoy some of the highest paying careers out there, with the freedom and skills to find employment around the world. The imperative skills learnt, allows them to find rich opportunities and work from nearly anywhere. Developers' in-demand skills allows them to gain a future-proof career advantage in an ever changing world.

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Developers make some of the highest salaries in the world.

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Enjoy incredible career freedom and work opportunities. 

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Learn skills that are needed by businesses of all kinds. 

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Being a coder is challenging, interesting, and rewarding work. 

Post-Bootcamp Benefits:

Career support

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Earning better pay and work remotely

Land your first tech interview

Imperial College London in partnership with HyperionDev

Imperial College London is partnering with online education provider HyperionDev to offer a portfolio of high impact outcomes-oriented online learning programmes. These programmes are provided by HyperionDev and quality assured by Imperial College London to leverage their thought leadership in technical practice developed over decades of expertise.

Web development

Software Developement

Data science

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Software engineering Certificate


Software Engineering enables you to build dynamic, database-driven applications and sites. Deep-dive into Python: the #1 programming language in the world right now.

Web Development teaches JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React and more. These skills allow you to create and manage the front-end of any website, as well as manage the back-end and use databases. Creatives often choose Web Development as do aspiring web entrepreneurs.

Data Science prepares you for the exciting world of algorithms, data analytics and data visualisation. You’ll learn Python and get your start in Machine Learning and AI. Perfect for those seeking analytical roles.

Sure you can. Many of our students successfully switch careers to programming after taking our courses, even if they were absolutely new to programming when starting out. If your aim is to change careers, bootcamps are designed to help you achieve that from scratch. To enrol with us, you don’t need to have a degree or prior technical background - all you need is discipline, persistence, and a willingness to work hard and learn to code.

Our students don't need access to the Internet everyday. Our course delivery is designed so that you can download the course material and work on your tasks offline. Once you are connected to the internet, all the work in your folder automatically gets synchronised with your mentor. Your mentor will be notified immediately and will provide timely feedback.

Yes. You will be issued a certificate of completion from HyperionDev once you complete your bootcamp.

Dr Mark Thomas Kennedy

"What HyperionDev has put together gives you 1:1 mentoring while you develop the skill of coding which crosses all three of those disciplines. When you write your code to do an assignment, it goes not just into a black hole, you get personalized feedback. The fact that you can do this and get to the point where you really are job-ready in such a short period of time, we're excited about what it will do and how it leads to further study opportunities also with us here at Imperial College London".

Director of Imperial Business Analytics and Co-director of the DSI
Imperial College London

Dr Mark Thomas Kennedy
Director of Imperial Business Analytics and
Co-director of the DSI

Dr. Kennedy studies how innovations become real. He's Co-Director of Data Science Institute at Imperial and holds degrees from Northwestern and Stanford. His work has been published in top journals including American Sociological Review and Academy of Management Journal.

Dr. Arcucci is a lecturer in Data Science and Machine Learning at Imperial College London. She is an elected member of the WMO and speaker of the AI Network of Excellence at Imperial. Her work involves developing AI models for climate and environmental impact and she also collaborates with the Leonardo Centre at Imperial.

Dr Rossella Arcucci
Lecturer in Data Science and Machine Learning at Imperial College London

Dr. Șerban is a Research Fellow at Imperial's Data Science Institute. He specializes in Large Scale Data Visualisation, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Affective Computing, and Interactive System Design. Dr. Șerban holds a joint PhD from INSA de Rouen Normandy (France) and "Babeș-Bolyai" University (Romania).

Dr Ovidiu Șerban
Research Fellow at the DSI, Imperial College London

Includes exclusive content from Imperial College London faculty

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